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A Gathered People

A Gathered People: Revisioning the Assembly as Transforming Encounter. Abilene, TX: Leafwood Publishers, 2007.

This is a biblical, historical, and theological study of the Christian assembly. As a companion volume to Come to the Table and Down in the River to Pray, this book completes a trilogy on the three "ordinances" of the Stone-Campbell Movement.

"Many think assembly is mostly something belivers do for each other or seekers. Some conceive it primarily as a legal duty presribed by God which we fulfill by performing the 'five acts of worship.' We argue that the assembly is fundamentally sacramental, that is, an encounter between God and his people fo rthe sake of transformation and spiritual formation."

Jack Reese, Professor at Abilene Christian Univeristy who teaches a class on Christian Worship, writes: "A Gathered People cuts through the issues that often dominate discussion about congregational worship. It calls us to more than meeting together out of obligation or for mutual edification. It is a clear and vivid summons to assemble so that God may utterly transform us."

The dedication of the book reads: "To those whom we love but cannot see except as we meet them around God's throne every Lord's Day."

Table of Contents:

Introduction: "Sacramental" Encounter?

1. A False Dichotomy: Life and Assembly in God's Story.

2. Assemblies in Israel: We Shall Assemble on the Mountain.

3. Christian Assemblies: Gospel Word and Communal Table.

4. Assembly in Christian History: Word and Table as Historic Liturgy.

5. Assembly among Churches of Christ: Our Formative History.

6. Gathered to God: Divine Presence in Assembly.

7. Contemporary Gatherings: Assembling Worthy of the Gospel.

Epilogue: "Why Didn't You Talk About...?"

You may order a copy from Leafwood Publishers, Abilene, Texas at 1-877-816-4455.


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